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A TRS Family of 4, for $221.82 per month for both TRS and TRICARE Reserve Select Supplement.

Many of the estimated millions of Americans without health insurance are that way because they can't afford the premiums. It's a dilemma that Guardmembers don't have to face because low-cost, quality health insurance is available to them.

TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) provides a health plan option to members of the Selected Reserve and their families when they are not on active-duty status. It delivers coverage similar to TRICARE Standard and Extra to eligible members and features continuously open enrollment.

The Army Reserve's top general calls it a "steal An Ohio National Guard private calls it "untouchable." Another Soldier said it's "one of the many often unmentioned benefits of Guard service."

So it's no surprise that increasing numbers of Guardmembers are purchasing TRS, especially in these tough economic times.

Satisfied customers

Pfc. Freeman, a combat engineer with Ohio's 216th Engineering Battalion, purchased TRS in March, because he wanted to continue his TRICARE Standard insurance he had while on active duty.

"This plan, in my opinion, is untouchable compared to any - I mean any other health care plan out there point blank," he said. "I would recommend this plan to any Soldier and their family." Immediate maternity coverage with no waiting period was important for him and his wife, Andi. Like Freeman, when Mississippi Guardsman Spc. Franks came off active duty in November, he purchased the TRS family plan for price and versatility and the TRS Supplement.

"It was easier than rejoining my employer's plan." said Franks." Also, I discovered that the premiums were competitive, and once they were reduced in January, cheaper. Since I will be going on and off active duty for training for a while, it seemed easier to use TRS with a TRS supplement rather than go on and off my employer's plan."

Franks, who lives in Meridian, Miss., found great benefit in the maternity coverage that covered his wife's emergency C-section that cost over $10,000. TRS paid all except $35 and the supplement paid the $35.

"I haven't had any trouble finding providers in the network. Of course, there is a Naval Air Station in town and several National Guard armories in the area. It has paid all our claims and I've had no trouble there."

How does TRS compare?

At a popular online insurance comparison and sales site, the health plan topping the list for a 32-year-old living in the Midwest was $74 a month. It had a $2,000 deductable, was in a preferred provider network, with 30 percent copay and $30 office visits. Add $10 a month if you smoke. For someone 10 years older, the monthly premium goes to $120 for a nonsmoker and $142 for a smoker. TRS's individual plan costs $47.51 a month for all ages and tobacco preferences.

In a December 2007 the Government Accounting Office (GAO) report on military health care, the cost-sharing provisions of the TRS plan were compared to that of Blue Cross/Blue Shield Standard plan. The TRS deductable was $100 less and the catastrophic limit per family (the maximum out-of-pocket expense enrollees are responsible in a calendar year) was $1,000 for TRS compared to $4,000 for the BC/BS Standard. The hospital inpatient deductable or copay was at least four times greater with BC/BS.

TRICARE Reserve Select Health Coverage and Utilization of a TRS Supplement

The TRS Supplement Pays 100% of covered excess charges after the annual deductible is met.

The Low Annual Deductible for Member-Only $150 or Full Family $300

TRS and the TRS Supplement are as comprehensive as or more than most Employer Sponsored Health Plans. The average National Employer Sponsored Health Plan (EHP) annual deductible for member only is $1,000.

The TRS Supplement picks up where the TRS leaves off. Another words medical coverage that TRS pays for up to 80% leaving you at least 20% to pay out-of-pocket. The TRS Supplement pays the 20% difference so you receive 100% out-of pocket coverage after you meet the annual deductible.

Out-of-pocket expenses can mount up quickly when you receive medical care outside the military system. That is why supplemental health insurance like the TRICARE Reserve Select Supplemental Plan is so important for you and your family. With this economical insurance coverage, you are better protected against the high cost of medical expenses you might face each calendar year in the event of illness.

Many people like you are concerned about getting good insurance coverage at an affordable cost. It's not easy to get that kind of information on your own and it can eat up a lot of your precious time. That's why we're proud to offer the TRICARE Reserve Select Supplement Plan for National Guard and Reservists.

Before you begin the application process, be sure to review the TRICARE RESERVE SELECT SUPPLEMENT Features, Benefits Summary, Rates and FAQ.

It's So Easy To Enroll in the TRICARE RESERVE SELECT SUPPLEMENT Enrollment Form

The Supplemental Insurance Plan is not available in ME, MT, NH and VT.