TRICARE Reserve Select Supplemental Insurance Plan | Rates 2013

The USBA TRICARE Supplement is Sponsored by NGAUS and EANGUS
2013 TRICARE Reserve Select Rates

To enroll in the TRICARE Reserve Select Supplement, you must first enroll in TRS Click here to enroll now. Follow the Easy Enrollment for TRS and TRS Supplement instructions below.

The TRS Supplement program offers either a monthly or quarterly payment option.  The DoD, TRS program offers Member Only, Member plus Spouse and a rate for each child.

As a member, you benefit from our mass purchasing power, making the rates for this valuable coverage surprisingly affordable. What’s more … the insurance company guarantees you’ll never be singled out for a rate increase, no matter how many claims you file!

TRICARE Reserve Select Supplement - Monthly Premium Rates
Under Age 65 Member $8.00
Under Age 65 Spouse $8.00
Under Age 65 Each Child* $7.00
Premiums shown are PER PERSON

TRICARE Reserve Select Supplement - Quarterly Premium Rates
Under Age 65 Member $24.00
Under Age 65 Spouse $24.00
Under Age 65 Each Child* $21.00
Premiums shown are PER PERSON

2013 TRS Monthly Rates + TRS Supplement Monthly Rates

Coverage for
Monthly 2011 TRS Rates*
for both
TRS Coverage + TRS Supplement
TRS member only
TRS member & Spouse
TRS member & Family of 4

For more information on the TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) rates, Click here.

Easy Enrollment for TRS and TRS Supplement

The plan provides comprehensive health care coverage when you're not activated and covered by active duty TRICARE benefits. And, because you can see any provider, you don't have to change providers if you already have one. For more information, download a copy of the TRICARE Reserve Select Flyer.

Step 1 Qualify
  1. Log on to the TRICARE Reserve Select Portal.
  2. Follow the instructions.
  3. Print and sign the TRS Request Form (DD Form 2896-1)
TRS Website
Step 2 Purchase TRS You may purchase the plan at any time throughout the year, there are no tiers or open seasons. Mail or fax your completed TRS Request Form along with the first month's premium payment to your regional contractor within the specified deadline.
Step 3 Enroll TRS Supplement This supplement enhances your current TRS coverage by providing reimbursement of eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses for insured members and their families. TRS SUPPLEMENT APPLICATION

TRICARE Reserve Select

TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) is a premium-based, worldwide health plan that qualifying National Guard and Reserve members may purchase. This flyer summarizes health care benefits and costs and explains how to qualify for and purchase TRS coverage.

If you qualify, you may purchase TRS coverage to begin in any month of the year. The benefits of purchasing TRS include:

  • Comprehensive health coverage similar to TRICARE Standard and TRICARE Extra (in the United States) or the TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) Standard (overseas)
  • Availability of two types of coverage: TRS member-only and TRS member-and-family
  • Freedom to access covered services from any TRICARE authorized provider or hospital
  • Access to care at a military treatment facility (MTF) on a space available basis

Before you begin the application process, be sure to review the TRICARE RESERVE SELECT SUPPLEMENT Features, Benefits Summary, Rates and FAQ.

It's So Easy To Enroll in the TRICARE RESERVE SELECT SUPPLEMENT Enrollment Form

The Supplemental Insurance Plan is not available in ME, MT, NH and VT.